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Although getting a driver’s license is one of the most special moments in a teen’s life, it’s also a major responsibility he or she may not be prepared for. When a juvenile is charged with DUI a criminal defense attorney is one of the best weapons for your defense. In Layton, these charges require legal representation in order to secure the best defense possible as a DUI charge may derail the teen’s future.

Juvenile charges

Teens make mistakes when driving that may get them in trouble with the law. Cases involving juveniles 18 years of age or younger will require legal representation from a Layton Juvenile DUI defense attorney. Some types of cases are taken to family court. However, cases involving more serious circumstances are prosecuted in criminal court. Criminal courts seek to punish the defendant while juvenile courts favor rehabilitation over judgment.

A well-versed Layton Juvenile DUI defense attorney can negotiate on your behalf with other less severe alternative punishments such as community service. When a juvenile is charged with DUI, these records are not expunged unless a lawsuit takes place. A criminal defense attorney can have these records expunged and ensure they will not interfere with the teen’s future educational goals and employment opportunities.

Utah Underage DUI laws

Under Utah law, an individual under 21 years of age who drinks alcohol, has any measurable amount of it in the system, or asks someone to buy it, has committed a crime. There are some exceptions such as when the person consumes alcohol for religious or medical reasons. Some of the most common offenses include:

  • Unlawful purchase, possession, or consumption.
  • False ID to purchase alcohol.
  • Providing alcohol to adolescents.
  • Violation of Child Endangerment Laws.

There may be additional consequences by the school the minor attends or any other organization, which include:

  • Suspension
  • Academic probation
  • Excluding the student from school activities
  • Expulsion from school clubs or sport teams

In addition to criminal penalties, an individual 21 years of age or younger with an alcohol offense may have his or her driver’s license suspended for a year. Utah laws don’t allow restricted license or work permit, even when the teen completes the 16-Hour Prime for Life DUI Education course. Minors with second offenses will have their license suspended for two years with no options for restriction or work permit as well.

Your Layton Juvenile DUI defense attorney Can Help

If your teen has been charged with a criminal offense in Layton, it’s time you defeat these charges with aggressive litigation. Even in the most difficult cases, you can have some charges dropped, fines considerably reduced, and avoid jail. Whatever your circumstances are, make sure you speak to a Juvenile DUI defense attorney about your options for litigation. To find out more about DUI laws in Layton and how they may apply to your specific circumstances, contact attorney Joseph Jardine today and schedule your initial case evaluation.