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Protecting the Rights of Those Accused of Drug Crimes

There are few criminal charges more damaging than drug possession. It can happen to anyone, even if you have never used drugs. Just one arrest can not only result in the loss of your job, it can also cost a person their freedom. Utah’s jails are filled with countless people who were either the victims of false drug crime charges or excessive penalties. My name is Joseph Jardine and I am a criminal defense attorney. For more than 15 years, I have successfully represented many men and women who were arrested for various drug crimes in Layton. My legal team and I utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to protect the rights of each client and to always look after their best interests.

The Consequences of Drug Possession

Unfortunately, it can be very easy for anyone to be falsely accused of drug possession. For example, if drugs are found in your car, you could face charges–even if those drugs do not belong to you. Police throughout Utah are cracking down on drug crimes across the state. When it comes to drug possession, Utah has some of the strictest penalties.

  • Schedule I or II charges for drug possession is classified as a third-degree felony and carries a maximum penalty of a $5,000 fine or 5 years in prison–sometimes both.
  • A second Schedule I or II drug possession conviction carries a maximum $10,000 fine or a minimum of 1 year in prison (up to 15 years in prison)–sometimes both.
  • Schedule III, IV, and V drug possession charges in Layton are classified as a Class B misdemeanor and can result in a fine of up to $1,000, up to 180 days in jail, or both. A subsequent conviction is a Class A misdemeanor and results in a fine up to $2,500 or up to a year in jail or both.

How a Layton Drug Possession Attorney Can Help

Many people who are arrested for drug possession do not properly understand their rights. Having an experienced legal professional on your side can often make the difference between getting charges dropped or spending significant time behind bars. As a drug possession attorney, my first objective is to make sure each client properly understands their rights. Knowing your rights allows those accused of drug possession of making the best possible decisions and minimizing any damage.

From the time a client visits the Jardine Law Offices P.C. for their initial consultation, our legal team will take the time to address all of your questions and concerns. Facing drug possession charges can be extremely scary and stressful. When your future and freedom are at stake, it is vital to have a Layton drug possession attorney with a track record of placing each client in the best position to succeed.

Contact Layton Drug Possession Attorney Joseph Jardine for Free Initial Consultation

One arrest for drug possession carries severe consequences that can affect your future. Do not take chances on your legal representation. It is important to fight against these charges as aggressively and quickly as possible to clear your name. To learn more, contact Layton drug possession attorney Joseph Jardine at the Jardine Law Offices P.C., and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.