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Bountiful Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer

Juvenile delinquency is a label given to juvenile offenders who repeatedly and habitually commit criminal acts. Being accused of juvenile delinquency can have long-lasting and life-changing effects on your child and affect the entire dynamic of your family. Jardine Law Offices P.C. understands that raising children is never easy, and children are prone to make mistakes. For this reason, we offer compassionate and expert legal counsel for troubled youth, acting as advocates to ensure that your child’s path through the juvenile justice system sees him or her being treated fairly and with dignity. Our Bountiful juvenile delinquency attorney has helped families just like yours with cases ranging from juvenile assault and battery to Juvenile DUI, drug crimes, gang involvement, and more.

Common Juvenile Crimes

Some crimes that juveniles commonly commit are only considered minor offenses, such as running away from home, drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes. Others are more severe and result in more stringent penalties. Some of the most common juvenile crimes are:

Penalties for Juvenile Delinquents

Penalties for juvenile delinquents can range from probation to being sentenced to life in prison (if the minor was tried as an adult.) The most common penalties include:

  • Probation, or in-home protective supervision
  • Placing the minor in legal custody of a relative or other responsible adult
  • Granting legal custody and guardianship to a Department of Human Services Agency, such as social services, youth corrections, child and family services, etc.
  • Ordering the minor pay for replacements, repairs, and other restitution for damages
  • Ordering the minor to pay court fines and fees, sentencing a word order, or imposing community service
  • Ordering the minor and their legal guardian(s) to undergo counseling and treatment
  • Terminating the minor’s parents’ parental rights
  • Certification that the minor is standing trial as an adult in Utah’s District Court
  • Holding the minor in juvenile jail for violating any prior court orders or committing an act that, if performed by an adult, would be considered a criminal offense
  • Registering as a sex offender, in cases where the minor has committed a sex crime

Getting Your Child Help

At Jardine Law Offices P.C. we understand that getting your child’s help as a youth offender is your number one priority, and it’s ours too. We have handled hundreds of other cases involving juvenile defendants, giving them the compassionate and understanding counsel they need during this harrowing and turbulent time. We understand that your entire family is affected by your child’s criminal charges, which is why we seek to lessen your load by helping you navigate the complex and often confusing juvenile justice system, ensuring that your child gets a fair shake and is treated justly and with dignity. Schedule your case consultation with our Juvenile delinquency attorney now to discuss the particulars of your child’s situations and look at what legal options are available in your child’s case.