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Posted On Jun, 30, 2017 By jardinelawoffices

Every year there is a list of the “Top Party Schools in America.” Schools like Louisiana State University, University of Florida, Florida State University and Arizona State University are staples on this list. A few lesser known schools have been able to claw their way to the Top 20, but they are not as popular as other powerhouse colleges. What makes a great party school? Most of these “party” institutions have a great sports program – football is extremely big. Nothing riles up the codes like tailgating on game day! But along with the fun and festivities, comes excessive alcohol use. The majority of college campuses in America are extremely strict when it comes to possessing or consuming alcohol on campus. Students have been written up, suspended, and even expelled for breaching rules and regulations on alcohol use. And there are a handful of students who not only get in trouble with the administration but the law as well.

Getting a DUI as a college kid can be devastating. It can affect you mentally, emotionally and financially. Finding an effective Farmington DUI attorney is key when it comes to fighting DUI, even as a college student. Jardine Law Offices P.C. has been defending DUI clients in Farmington for years. They are some of the best DUI defense attorney in Farmington and Utah in general. If your child finds themselves being charged with a DUI in college, enlist the services of a law firm that knows the ins and outs of the law.

Not So Happy Ending

“Laura” was a freshman in college. She was excited to go to her first frat party on campus. Because the college campus was so huge, she decided to drive her car instead of waiting for the free student shuttle service. She got to the party, saw her roommates and friends and they all had a great time. Laura had never drunk alcohol before because her parents were very strict with her. They wanted her to concentrate on her school work so she could make it into a good college and have a great career. She didn’t realize how tipsy she was after one and a half beers but decided to stop drinking just to be on the safe side. At the end of the night, as everyone is leaving, her roommate volunteers to take her back to the dorm. Laura refused because she did not want the hassle of waking up early to retrieve her car the next day. So she assured her roommate she was fine to drive. As Laura neared the dormitory, she saw the flashing lights of a police car behind her and pulled over. After being asked if she had been drinking, Laura was honest and said, “yes.” The officer administered a breathalyzer test, which Laura blew a .1 (at .08 you are considered legally impaired). She was arrested and not only booked on a DUI, but also underage drinking (19 at the time of arrest), and reckless driving on a college campus. To send a message to the rest of the college, the judge made an example of her and took her license away for 80 years. She was also expelled from school.

Being charged with a DUI at any age can affect your life significantly. Finding an effective Farmington DUI attorney is your best option to get the best results for the situation you are in. Give Jardine Law Offices P.C. a call today for a free consultation.