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Salt Lake City Truck Accident Attorney

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, utilizing their Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), collect truck accident data nationwide for purposes of analyzing ways to make roadways safer for passenger vehicles who coexist with larger trucks.

Of the 415,000 reported truck accidents in 2015, 1% (3,598) were fatal, which equals roughly 11.2 fatalities per million citizens. 60% of the fatalities reported occurred on smaller rural routes, with the vast majority of all combined truck accidents happening Monday through Friday.

Utah truck accidents handled by The Jardine Law Offices P.C. involved a single or multiple vehicle occurrence where a distracted truck driver, or one under the influence, plowed into a smaller passenger car. These often lead to personal injuries or wrongful death, leaving families to scramble for answers.

The right Salt Lake City truck accident attorney can hold these truck drivers accountable for their gross negligence that led to an incident that could’ve otherwise been avoided with greater care and control of their vehicle.

Truck Accidents Are More Impactful

When a larger semi, dump truck, or farming implement hits a great enough speed, they become rolling tanks. Short of another much larger truck hitting them, passenger cars will do little if any damage when struck by these more powerful vehicular forces. Physical injuries are more substantial, vehicles are often rendered unusable, and long-term financial ramifications can be devastating at best.

The Jardine Law Offices P.C. has successfully settled dozens of truck accident cases where truck drivers were willful, even accidental, in causing an otherwise avoidable crash. The burden of proof, while it rests on the plaintiff, is less strict because it’s much harder to cause an accident to a truck than it is for a truck to perpetrate damage.

We still must prove:

  • The truck driver was the responsible party. This is often done by pulling footage from local cameras, gathering witness testimony, accident re-creation, even cell phone footage which is common in our digital era.
  • The victim made every reasonable attempt to avoid being struck.
  • Damages resulted from a truck driver’s negligence, including physical financial, and psychological.
  • Those damages should be compensated monetarily to the victim.

Where semi’s hauling 52-foot boxes or flatbeds with large machinery are concerned, injuries could be catastrophic or even lead to death. In the case of the latter, our Salt Lake City truck accident attorney will fight to collect much larger settlements, especially when survivors include a spouse and children.

Contact Our Truck Accident Firm

To successfully fight a trucking company’s insurer, you’ll need a competent go-getter who isn’t afraid to go the distance for their clients, many of who were severely injured and are still recovering.

Don’t let insurance companies downgrade your physical condition by offering a measly settlement. The Jardine Law Offices P.C. can handle often bullheaded insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys by putting irrefutable facts in front of them.

Truck accidents are no joke. Contact our Salt Lake City truck accident attorney to begin your settlement claim so you can get back to the life you enjoyed before this tragic event.