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Salt Lake City Trampoline Accident Attorney

Trampolines can be a fun way for children to get exercise, and they’re even fun for parents who want to join their children for a fun-filled family event. When inadequately assembled or cared for, a day of trampoline jumping fun can turn into a tragic personal injury to children, even adults.

The Jardine Law Offices P.C. has significant experience in dealing with trampoline-related accidents. Utilizing outside resources, we’re able to determine if there’s been a manufacturer recall on a specific model, or if a business maintaining a trampoline has been negligent in their duty to upkeep their play equipment.

A well-reputed Salt Lake City trampoline accident attorney knows settling these cases in a timely manner is important to clients we serve, which is why we work trampoline accident cases rigorously until the end.

Common Reasons Trampolines Fail

Public information shows over 100,000 trampoline accidents occurred in 2014 alone, although many more are suspected to have gone unreported. Most trampolines have a weight limit that may prevent multiple people from jumping, which should be disclosed by the manufacturer or trampoline owner. When these weight limits aren’t divulged, and a personal injury ensues, a significant premise liability suit is born.

Common situations where trampoline injuries may occur include:

  • At family entertainment venues, such as a theme park, where trampolines may be available for public use.
  • At neighbors’ or friends’ houses, who with permission allow children to jump on their equipment.
  • Directly at the owner’s house, usually stemming from a manufacturer defect or unannounced recall. These are perhaps the more common scenarios our Salt Lake City trampoline accident attorney deals with.
  • At city-controlled venues or parks where trampolines are made available to everyone to play on.

Businesses must clearly, and visibly, state weight limits and the number of persons allowed on trampolines. There are also required, by Utah law, to carry liability insurance on their trampoline equipment to protect the interests of users in the event of failure.

We Can Hold Trampoline Owners Accountable

Much like any personal injury incident, those accidents where trampolines failed in their duty to hold jumpers properly in place can be litigated in court. These cases, however, are more sensitive than others because they’re premise and product liabilities simultaneously. They’re premise by virtue of an owner’s responsibility to keep their area safe, and product by virtue of failed manufacturing or care.

Salt Lake City trampoline accident attorney assistance can become a difference-maker in these cases. Fighting home or business owners with trampolines takes skilled negotiation and understanding of Utah premise laws to properly handle.

If you been injured using a trampoline by no fault of your own, you may have a significant personal injury case for which we can seek compensation. This means getting you and anyone else injured on the trampoline medical bill reimbursement lost wages and other relief deemed just and proper.

Time may be limited in filing your claim, so we urge you to contact the Jardine Law Offices P.C. shortly after you’ve recovered enough to take action.