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Salt Lake City Sports Injury Attorney

With numerous places to ski, sled or enjoy other sporting activities, Utah attracts sporty individuals from across the nation looking to play competitively, or casually. However, sporting venues are restricted to slopes; bicycle, skateboarding, and motorcycle accidents can happen on competitive tracks or in open fields.

To litigate these sports injuries properly, given their more complex nature, you’ll need a Salt Lake City sports injury attorney who understands not all sports-related injuries have a singular fault. The Jardine Law Offices P.C. has litigated many sports accidents in Utah and understands the much higher standard of proof victims are up against in seeking compensation for their injuries.

Sports Injuries? Seriously?

One doesn’t often associate personal injuries with sports; after all, many sports injuries are usually ‘matters of fact’. One that participates in skiing, for example, that has little to no experience should expect to fall, even run into various objects. However, sports injuries litigated in Utah courts are related to two common denominators: failed equipment, and training.

Manufacturers of skiing equipment, skateboards, roller skates, competition bicycles, and motor cross bikes sometimes don’t get it right; their quality control departments fail, so when sporting equipment hits retail establishments and gets purchased by competitive players, the chances of failing increase drastically. By the time equipment gets recalled, it’s too late; injuries have already been sustained.

Another component of sports injury law involves failed training. This doesn’t mean a victim didn’t receive training, it simply means whatever training was received was less than sufficient, or incorrect altogether. The Salt Lake City sports injury attorney you retain must know about sports, equipment used to perform, and the expectations of sufficient training.

We Fight Poor Craftsmanship and Trainers

Avid skiers and snowboarders expect flawless craftsmanship of their equipment; not because they’re spending thousands, but they’ll be reaching high velocities. This means that poorly constructed foot straps may cause multiple fractures or serious brain injury when slalom skiing. Or, weak snowboards could break when competitors are doing tricks.

Those with little experience of participating in sports expect their trainers to know the sport of their teaching. When training is complete, inexperienced participants should be able to perform a particular sport without accommodation. So, when training fails, the serious personal injury one receives falls into the hands of the teacher who misguided them.

Our Salt Lake City sports injury attorney fights manufacturers of sporting equipment, seeking maximum statutory damages for placing products into mainstream retail not safe for human use. The Jardine Law Offices P.C. will also hold sports trainers accountable for their misguided instruction, even filing claims against their insurer if they’re bonded.

You shouldn’t feel apprehensive about practicing sports or competitively participating. People who actively participate in sporting events shouldn’t second-guess their sporting equipment, or trainers. It’s unfortunate that so many cases in Utah courts could’ve been avoided with better training, and better quality control of equipment.

If you’re looking for a skilled sports accidents lawyer, contact the Jardine Law Offices P.C. today. Will look at your case without cost or obligation.