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Salt Lake City Juvenile Delinquency Attorney

Juvenile Delinquency is defined as the habitual committing of criminal acts or offenses by a young person, especially one below the age at which ordinary criminal prosecution is possible. In other words, being charged with juvenile delinquency means that a child has done something against the law, but has not been charged with an actual crime as they would have if they were an adult. Children, being children, can sometimes be easily influenced and make snap decisions that they may or may not be aware are against the law.

It may not seem serious, but if your child is charged with being a juvenile delinquent, he or she will need legal representation to protect their rights and their future. Contact Jardine Law Office P.C. today if your child needs legal representation. Our Juvenile delinquency attorneys will assure you that your child’s future is made a priority and that they are not given undue consequences for their mistakes. Call us today in Salt Lake City at 801-350-3506 or visit our website at www.jardinelawoffices.com for a free case evaluation.

The most common juvenile delinquency offenses are:

  • Theft
  • Assault (possibly through bullying)
  • Illegal Purchases (tobacco, alcohol, or drugs)

When a child has been reported to the police, depending on the severity of the offense, the officer typically can decide whether or not to issue a verbal warning to the child, hold the child until a parent or guardian can come, or refer them to juvenile court. If the child is referred to juvenile court, the juvenile court’s probation officer or the prosecutor will take over the case. At this point the court will take into consideration the following before assigning consequences:

  • The severity of the offense
  • The juvenile’s age
  • The juvenile’s past record
  • The strength of the evidence in the case
  • The juvenile’s gender (boys are more likely to be charged than girls)
  • The juvenile’s social history, and
  • The ability of the minor’s parents to control his or her behavior.

What possible consequences could a juvenile delinquent receive?

If no formal charges are brought against the child, the prosecutor or probation officer has the option of choosing one or more of the following informal consequences:

  • Listen to a stern lecture
  • Attend counseling
  • Attend after-school classes
  • Repay the victim for damages
  • Pay a fine
  • Perform community service work, or
  • Enter probation.

After a child is charged as a juvenile delinquent, they have now been exposed to the juvenile justice system and may be more likely to re-offend. It is extremely important to take these charges seriously and act on them by hiring a juvenile delinquency attorney. You and your child will need guidance through the juvenile court system and experienced legal attorneys who will make sure your child’s case is handled compassionately and proficiently. We care about the future of our children and the necessity of giving them every opportunity for a positive outcome. If your child needs a Juvenile delinquency attorney in Salt Lake City, contact us at 801-350-3506 to request a free case evaluation or visit our website at www.jardinelawoffices.com.