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DUI Metabolite

For the average American, DUI charges seem relatively frank: if you drive under the influence, you get a charge. However in some states, Utah especially, you can be charged with a DUI while driving completely sober. This may seem like an outright injustice, but a certain Utah law can make this happening a reality. The law in question is the measurable metabolite statute and it can have grave consequences.

Under the measurable metabolite statute, Utah drivers can be charged with a DUI if any amount of a controlled substance is found in the blood. This includes medications that were legally prescribed to you. Metabolites from a controlled substance can linger well after said substances inhibiting effects wear off. So, if an officer determines a blood or urine test is necessary, you could end up being charged with a DUI.

While this seems like an outrageous possibility, the consequences are very real. You could receive jail time, costly fines, and loss of license. Penalties could be even worse You must act with seriousness and deliberation to have a chance to defend. You should contact a DUI attorney in Salt Lake City with the poise and experience necessary to defend you. Joseph Jardine and Peter Goodall have earned such experience and poise in courtrooms for more than 15 years.

Consequences of Metabolite DUI

The consequences of a metabolite DUI can be debilitating. You can receive misdemeanor B penalties: over $1000 in fines, jail time, community service, probation, and a suspended license. The penalties could be much more severe if you had previous DUI charges on your record. If your metabolite DUI was your second offense, you could lose your license for up to three years, receive up to 10 days in jail, and be forced to drive on a conditional license for up to 10 years. If your metabolite DUI was your third offense, you could receive felony charges.

If you do receive a Metabolite DUI charge, it is paramount that you seek representation as quickly as possible. Metabolite DUI charges do present more opportunities for defense. For example, if the metabolite of the substance found in your system was legally prescribed, it is possible for defense. According to Utah’s metabolite DUI statute, your charge may be defended if the metabolite in your system is proven to be prescribed.  However, any DUI charge can be extremely difficult to defend and shouldn’t be handle by anyone other than an experienced metabolite DUI attorney.

In the aftermath of a metabolite DUI charge, a Salt Lake City metabolite DUI attorney may be your best chance at defense. Such an attorney must be experienced, confident, and in possession of a successful defense history. Joseph Jardine and Peter Goodall have spent more than 15 years earning said qualities. You can expect a prepared legal team to take your case head-on and fight for your best interests. You do not have to accept your metabolite DUI charge as automatic. Contact us for a free consultation, or call Jardine Law Offices P.C. at 801-350-3506.