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DUI Hit and Run

Driving while intoxicated lowers inhibitions which leads people to make poor decisions they would usually not make. Deciding to leave the scene of an accident without going through the proper procedures is one such example. However, in Utah and nationwide, leaving the scene of an accident could result in even worse penalties than if you had not.

Some may decide to leave a scene out of pure panic. Others may realize that they were at fault because of negligence or other behaviors that driving under the influence promotes and their intoxications let them leave the scene without feeling the responsibility of their actions. Some may even feel leaving the scene of an accident is their best option to avoid penalty. However, in most situations, there will be someone to witness the accident and catch the details of the vehicles involved. It may take some time, but authorities are likely to identify any vehicle that leaves the scene

If panic, lowered inhibitions, or another reason caused you to leave the scene of an accident, it is urgent that you contact a Salt Lake City DUI hit and run attorney. While you should do so for the obvious reasons of preparing a defense, you could also have your attorney reach out to authorities and notify them that you left the scene of an accident.  This can prevent authorities from contacting you directly and obtaining damning evidence against you.

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What Leaving the Scene Entails

In Utah, there are four categories that qualify as leaving the scene. The first involves accidents where the property is damaged. It is your responsibility to exchange or leave information if any damage was caused to another property. Failing to do so could result in a Class B misdemeanor. Penalties include thousands in fines and up to six months of jail time.

If you left the scene of a DUI hit and run that caused an injury, you must stay to exchange information. Failing to do so could result in a class A misdemeanor. Penalties for a class A misdemeanor include a possible year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines.

The third situation where you cannot leave the scene of an accident is if a serious injury was accrued. If this is the case, possible felony charges await. Penalties include a potential five-year jail sentence and thousands of dollars in fines. The fourth situation, which carries similar penalties to serious injury, is if a death occurred as a result of the accident.

Whatever your DUI hit and run situation, time is of the essence. Contact an experienced Salt Lake City DUI attorney as soon as time permits. Doing so will give you the best chance at reduced penalties. For a free consultation, contact us today.