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Salt Lake City Aggravated Robbery Attorney

Being accused of aggravated robbery is a very serious offense. You could face years in prison and hefty fines. These charges could go on your permanent criminal record and define you as a felon. This could make your life tremendously difficult, you could lose your right to vote, your right to sit on a jury, and your right to have, own, or use a firearm. Being convicted could take you away from caring for your family or loved ones and make it challenging for you to provide for them in the future. If convicted of a felony you could find it hard to find employment or even get a loan.

If you are charged with aggravated robbery in Salt Lake City, you will need elite criminal defense attorneys. Contact Jardine Law Offices P.C. today at 801-350-3506 or visit our website at www.jardinelawoffices.com for a free case evaluation. Let us protect your rights and fight for you to have a better future. You will know with our skilled litigators that your case will be handled with priority and compassion.

What is Aggravated Robbery?

Under Utah law aggravated robbery is defined as:

  1. A person commits aggravated robbery if in the course of committing robbery, he:
    1. Uses or threatens to use a dangerous weapon
    2. Causes serious bodily injury upon another, or
    3. Takes or attempts to take an operable motor vehicle.

What possible consequences could you face if found guilty?

Aggravated robbery is a first-degree felony and it will go on your record permanently. If convicted you could face five years to life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. When in court, the judge takes many factors into consideration before passing a sentence. These factors are known as aggravating and mitigating factors. Aggravating factors are the circumstances of the crime that would make the consequences more severe. Mitigating factors are the circumstances that would make the consequences less severe. These factors are defined in guidelines given by the Utah Sentencing Commission and can be used to determine your sentence.

According to the Utah Sentencing Commission, Aggravating factors can include:

  • Whether the victim suffered substantial bodily injury
  • Whether the offense was extremely cruel or depraved
  • Whether the offender was in a position of authority over the victim
  • Whether the victim was unusually vulnerable
  • The person committed the crime with two or more other people
  • The person used a dangerous weapon on or near a school
  • The person is determined to have committed a hate crime
  • The person is determined to be a habitual offender

Mitigating factors can include:

  • Whether the offender was exceptionally cooperative with law enforcement
  • Is a good candidate for treatment
  • Has developmental disabilities

Do not allow yourself to be given undue consequences. You will need serious litigators who have substantial experience and are experts in criminal law. Call our law offices today in Salt Lake City at 801-350-3506 or contact us and request a free case evaluation. Let Jardine Law Offices P.C. build you the best defense to protect your rights and your future.