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Bountiful Product Liability Lawyer

Have you been injured because of a faulty or defective product? Perhaps you, or a loved one, have sustained an injury, or fallen ill, because the manufacturer of a certain item did not provide warnings about some potential hazards, nor directions for safe usage.

Under Utah law, you could be entitled to recover compensation and monetary damages in respect of your injuries, and the resulting loss of wages, not to mention rapidly-mounting medical expenses. At the Jardine Law Offices P.C. we have years of experience in successfully recovering the full amount due to numerous clients who have been injured by defective products, equipping us with the experience and expertise required to secure the best possible outcome from your case.

Product Liability Law in Bountiful, Utah

As manufacturers work to keep up with rapidly-evolving technology and numerous new products launching onto the market regularly nowadays, some less scrupulous organizations can place speed and profit above the safety of their consumers. Of course, some product liability cases arise from genuine mistakes, affecting even the biggest and most safety-conscious of brands. If you have been injured by a defective product, your product liability attorney can ensure that the responsible party is held accountable for their actions – this party can be anybody involved in the manufacturing process.

The business who made the finished product, or any of its component parts, may be held responsible on the grounds that:

  • The product was made poorly, to the extent that it could be considered negligence
  • A warranty was offered, vouching for the standard of the product
  • Strict liability, as laid out by Utah state laws, renders them responsible

Whichever grounds may apply, there are three types of product liability law:

Design defect: This applies where the product’s design made it inherently unsafe for use as intended. There may also have been an alternative, safer design available for use. In this instance, your attorney must demonstrate that:

  • The design was defective
  • The product was unreasonably dangerous as a result
  • The defect was present at the time of manufacture and sale
  • The defect caused your injuries

Manufacturing defect: These defects occur at some point during the manufacturing process, rendering a particular item, or batch of items, dangerous. The same four points must be proven.

Failure to warn: Where the following three conditions exist, a manufacturer is required under Utah law to provide a warning or adequate instructions on how to safely use a product:

  • The manufacturer was required to provide a warning
  • The manufacturer was aware of the hazard or danger
  • Consumers would generally not be aware of the hazard

Failure to warn of any dangers could be considered grounds for a product liability lawsuit. You should be aware that, where a warning or instructions are provided, you cannot use not having read them while building your case.

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