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Educators & Teacher Retainer Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

The current legal environment is precarious. It’s hard to believe, but the reality is a single baseless allegation can ruin your life! Having a lawyer on retainer to assist you should any issues arise is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Teacher Legal AdvicePrudent professionals are surrounded by layers of legal protection. Those layers often consist of professional liability insurance, protection afforded by the school district, or membership in unions, such as UEA or NEA. These mediums provide millions of dollars of coverage for most of the issues that teachers face, anything from claims of discrimination, to accidentally burning down the classroom. But the coverage either ends, or is severely limited, when it comes to alleged criminal acts: claims of child abuse, theft, sexual abuse, DUI, etc. Proving one’s innocence can take years of litigation and many thousands of dollars, all while the teacher has either been placed on administrative leave or perhaps been terminated as a result of the allegations. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you are fully protected when you are not.

Mr. Jardine relates the following: “I will never forget meeting with a teacher, many years ago, who was behind bars for a crime he did not commit. I was exactly the attorney he needed to prove his innocence. Unfortunately, he did not have the $50,000 down payment needed for my services and I was not in a position to help him pro bono at that time. That tragic interview haunts me to this day.” Fortunately, attorney Joseph Jardine has created a product that provides the protection you need, at a price you can afford.

Mr. Jardine is a Top-Rated lawyer among his peers, consistently receives 5-star Google reviews, and is one of the best in the business. Moreover, Mr. Jardine has spent over twenty years specializing specifically in criminal defense. Jardine Law Offices (“JLO”) regularly defends people like you against false accusations and enjoys a strong reputation among Prosecutors and Judges for excellence, which was garnered over the course of more than two decades by winning numerous criminal cases at trial. JLO’s team of lawyers are all top-notch and create a formidable team. JLO is the firm you need when your liberty, career and good name are at stake.

By eliminating layers of “middlemen” and needless administration, JLO offers its services directly to you at a surprisingly affordable price. For a low monthly payment, you can be assured that, should you be charged criminally for conduct directly related to your work, you will have a team of Utah’s best attorneys to represent you, at a cost of little more than $1 per day! Imagine simply picking up the phone to talk with your attorney today, instead of endlessly worrying. JLO is thrilled to offer this top tier legal protection to you, Utah’s educators! Terms and limitations do apply, of course, but this level of protection at such a modest price is unprecedented. We are sure you will be pleased with the results.

Contact us today so you can have the confidence and protection of having a top-rated Attorney on retainer.