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Attorney Retainer Services in Utah

Have you ever been a witness to an accident and realized that the victim of the accident could have been you? How many times have you seen or heard about your friends, neighbors or co-workers being possibly wrongly accused of a life-altering, career-ending crime?

The sad truth is this scene is playing out more and more as time goes on. Everyone knows that an accusation alone can be a death sentence to your livelihood.

Are you next?

What can you do about it?

Many people think that their insurance or the union they belong to has them covered . . . in most cases they are wrong. By the time they understand their mistake, it is too late to correct, and their lives are ruined.

Insurance policies are lengthy documents with very few promises followed by a multitude of exclusions. Have you read the fine print? If not, you are completely at their mercy, and may be paying premiums for the illusion of protection.

Know this: insurance policies either can not or will not protect you when it comes to criminal allegations. When formal charges enter against you, you will be required to defend yourself in a court of law.

It is considered “against public interest” for an insurance company to afford you legal protection against crimes. But you say “it wasn’t a crime, I was acting in self-defense”. Well . . . that is for a judge or a jury to determine . . . in the meanwhile, you are still the one accused of a crime!

Are you able to legally defend yourself? Will you lose your job because you have been charged with a crime? Will your friends and neighbors turn their backs on you when it hits social media or the news?

Unfortunately, in that situation an insurance company may be prohibited by law from fulfilling its commitment to protect you. But when you think about it, what were you expecting in the first place?

You were expecting that after making a claim to the insurance, that they would assign you a case manager. The case manager would then explain what they do and do not cover. They will ask you to fill out a form explaining your situation.

Eventually, if you are lucky, you will have an attorney assigned to your case. But you will probably have to pay some sort of deductible, or perhaps the attorney’s legal services will be limited by one degree or another.

You realize, of course, that the single most important protection you can have when you are facing accusations of wrong-doing is having a skilled attorney to advise you and represent your interests.

The wealthy and the powerful understand this. When accusations are flying, and things start to get ugly, the skilled attorney emerges and does all of the talking.

Do you have an attorney or do you have an insurance company? What if you could skip the insurance and obtain a skilled attorney with the right expertise for your situation? Wouldn’t that be better?

Dealing directly with an attorney avoids many of the pitfalls you might otherwise experience with an insurance company.

Jardine Law Offices (“JLO”) has created a legal product that puts an attorney within your reach based on your specific circumstances. JLO’s attorneys are top-rated trial attorneys with decades of experience to help you.

JLO is not an insurance company, but is a Utah based law firm with decades of experience and incredible results in and out of the court room.

By retaining JLO, when the need arises, you can bypass all the red tape, and simply pick up the phone and talk to your attorney! Your attorney will begin protecting you immediately, and won’t stop until the fight is over. Your protection is specific to you, your needs, and the services you have selected.

Don’t delay, contact JLO today