Wrongful Death

At the Jardine Law Offices in Davis County, we provide highly personalized and attentive client service to the families of persons killed in auto accidents, workplace accidents, motorcycle accidents, or truck accidents. We represent wrongful death clients in both Utah and Idaho. If you need dependable advice and experienced legal representation concerning your rights in a fatal accident case, contact us for a free case evaluation.

The period following the unexpected death of a family member is extremely difficult for those who must adjust to the loss. Even while you are grieving, however, the insurance companies of the parties at fault are busy investigating the accident scene, interviewing witnesses, retaining experts, and preparing their defense to the wrongful death claim they anticipate from you. Utah personal injury lawyer Joseph Jardine has the legal understanding and the courtroom experience necessary to even the odds against even the biggest insurers. He can go to work immediately to protect your legal interests, and at the same time, he will do everything possible to help your family with the practical, personal, and emotional demands of a difficult transition.

Joseph Jardine's extensive trial experience in many Utah and Idaho counties can help counteract any advantages the defendants might enjoy in the early stages of the case. The sooner he can get to work on your case, the earlier he can apply pressure on the defense to engage in constructive settlement discussions or get ready for trial.

Wrongful death damages in Utah and Idaho are similar. They cover the accident victim's lost income, medical and funeral expenses, and other economic damages directly related to the fatal accident. In addition, wrongful death litigation is meant to compensate you for the loss of your loved one's companionship, guidance, nurturance, advice, and other intangible aspects of what his or her loss means to you. Davis County wrongful death attorney Joseph Jardine is highly skilled with the development and presentation of evidence to support every element of your damages claim. To find out more about the scope of his services in wrongful death litigation in Utah and Idaho, contact the Jardine Law Offices for a free consultation.