Truck Accidents

If you or anyone in your family has been seriously injured or killed in a trucking accident in Idaho or Utah, contact a dependable personal injury lawyer at the Jardine Law Offices in Davis County. Our extensive trial experience and our familiarity with the highly technical investigation and proof of liability and damages in semi truck or 18-wheeler cases represent a significant advantage to our clients.

We offer comprehensive client service in car accidents involving tractor-trailer combinations of all types. That means we make sure that you are receiving the medical treatment and physical therapy you need to maximize your chances for a complete /recovery, even while we are developing your case for negotiation or trial. Our highly personalized approach to personal injury litigation will keep you advised of the progress of your claim and fully engaged with all key developments in the case.

We represent the victims of trucking accidents in Utah and Idaho in situations involving such facts as the following:

  • Hazardous material transportation.
  • Semi truck jackknife accidents.
  • Permit violations, such as overweight or oversize loads.
  • Brake failure, tire defects, or other safety equipment malfunctions.
  • Trucking accidents caused by driver fatigue, drowsy driving, or violations of the federal driving hours or mandatory rest regulations.
  • Accidents involving logging trucks, construction equipment, or farm equipment.

Farmington trucking accident lawyer Joseph Jardine works with experts from a wide range of disciplines to develop and present the evidence that will be critical to the proof of the defendant's liability and the full extent of your damages. His experience in the trial courts in many different Utah and Idaho counties also represents an advantage in adapting his trial presentation to the local practices and procedures.

At the Jardine Law Offices, our goal in every trucking accident case is to recover the compensation you need and deserve to make as complete a recovery as possible from severe head injuries, spinal cord damage, or other serious injuries. We also represent the families of those killed in truck accidents in wrongful death lawsuits. In our experience, the key to success is early, sustained, and unrelenting pressure on the defendant's insurers, with every component of your claim backed up by solid evidence.

For a free consultation about your legal alternatives in a trucking accident case, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at the Jardine Law Offices in Farmington.