Firm Overview

Civil and Criminal Trial Law Firm in Salt Lake City, Utah

At the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City, our law firm offers high quality criminal defense and accident litigation services to clients in Utah and southern Idaho. To learn more about the range of our criminal and civil trial practice and how you can benefit from our experience, contact knowledgeable lawyer at our firm for a free consultation.

Founding attorney Joseph Jardine has developed a reputation for taking on and winning cases that other lawyers considered beyond hope. A powerful and effective advocate for his clients, Mr. Jardine will not push you into unsatisfactory plea agreements just to resolve the case quickly and cut your losses. Instead, he brings a competitive spirit and outstanding courtroom skills to each case, and he has achieved remarkable results. For example, as of the summer of 2007, he has achieved an 80 percent acquittal rate in the trial of implied consent cases involving the defendant's refusal to provide a breath sample when drunk driving was suspected.

An important aspect of our firm's success is our wholehearted commitment to the welfare of our clients. As Mr. Jardine explains, "I want to make sure that our clients are better off than when they walked into our office for the first time. It's a huge honor to represent a person's liberty and to fight for their freedom. We take our role seriously and work hard to help our clients."

Whether you're charged with a serious crime such as assault or a sex offense, or you need help collecting compensation for injuries suffered in a car accident, you will see our commitment to your case from the very beginning. For a free consultation about your situation and your alternatives, contact the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City.