Sex With Minors

If you are facing charges of sexual misconduct with a minor or child, statutory rape, or unlawful child enticement, contact an experienced Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer at the Jardine Law Offices. Our ability to develop and present effective trial defense strategies against the most serious child sex crime charges represents a significant advantage for our clients.

Among the sexual misconduct cases we handle are the following:

  • Unlawful sex with a minor below the age of consent.
  • Sodomy on a child.
  • Soliciting a minor for sex over the Internet.
  • Possession of child pornography.
  • Molestation of a child or indecent exposure.
  • Simple or aggravated sexual abuse of a child.
  • Unlawful sexual conduct with a 16 or 17 year old.
  • Violations of the sex offender registration laws in cases related to sexual misconduct with a minor.

Salt Lake City criminal trial attorney Joseph Jardine has the legal knowledge, courtroom experience, and tactical skill necessary to make the most of your defense. In one case involving charges of sexual misconduct with a child, he won a jury verdict of not guilty despite a signed confession, a DNA match, and the testimony of the alleged child victim.

At the Jardine Law Offices, we represent persons accused of serious sex crime charges in Utah and Idaho, in both state and federal court. We analyze the evidence against you, the potential consequences of a conviction in light of your record, and the impact of an independent investigation or expert testimony on your defense. We keep you advised of your options at every stage of the case and do everything possible to expand them as the case approaches trial. If a favorable resolution cannot be achieved short of a jury trial, we present your defense and highlight the weaknesses in the case against you in the most persuasive terms possible.

We not only understand what is at stake in a sexual misconduct case, we know what it takes to win one. To see how our experience and track record of success in the defense of sex crime charges involving minors can protect your interests; contact the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City for a free case evaluation.