Professional License Cases

Any person employed in a licensed profession faces the prospect of losing his or her livelihood upon conviction of a criminal offense. Most state licensing boards will initiate disciplinary proceedings that can result in a suspended or revoked license upon conviction of certain crimes, and for many professionals, the option of a negotiated plea to a lesser offense will not be the best way to resolve a criminal prosecution. If you are a licensed professional charged with a state or federal criminal offense, contact an experienced defense lawyer at the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City. We will craft your defense strategy with the potential consequences to your professional standing firmly in mind.

The kinds of criminal offenses that can affect a professional license vary from one occupation to another. A DUI conviction can have a severe effect on a trucker's commercial driver's license, but might be ignored by the Board of Accountancy in a case involving a CPA. A conviction for fraud, of course, will generally work the other way around.

Salt Lake City administrative hearings attorney Joseph Jardine represents professionals in disciplinary and license suspension proceedings involving the following occupations:

  • Physicians, dentists, or nurses.
  • Real estate agents and brokers.
  • Teachers, principals, counselors, and coaches.
  • Architects and engineers.
  • Commercial drivers.
  • Accountants.
  • Securities brokers and traders.

For best results in the defense of drug charges, drunk driving allegations, domestic violence, or serious felony charges such as sexual assault or fraud, it is highly advisable to engage with the applicable state licensing board before the criminal case is resolved. It is more effective to avoid or minimize professional license sanctions while the criminal case is pending by formulating criminal defense strategies with possible professional penalties in mind. Otherwise, a favorable plea negotiation in the criminal case can be frustrated by severe professional sanctions on the administrative level.

The best time to protect your professional license is from the very beginning of the criminal case. To learn more about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a criminal case against a licensed professional, contact a resourceful criminal defense attorney at the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City.