Probation and Parole Violations

Many criminal cases are resolved with sentences of probation either in place of or following jail terms, with suspended prison sentences hanging over the defendant's head as an incentive to stay within the law. The sentencing judge imposes and defines conditions of probation that can vary significantly from one case to another, but most probationary terms involve a commitment to refrain from unlawful behavior, avoid the company of known criminals, and in many cases, to attend substance abuse counseling or complete drug treatment. A probation officer supervises the defendant's compliance with the terms of probation, and can make life difficult for anyone who fails to satisfy the conditions of probation.

If you have been charged with probation violations, and need to appear at a hearing to show cause why probation should not be revoked, contact Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney Joseph Jardine for experienced representation. His experience with the resolution of both technical probation violations and arrests on new charges can help you avoid jail time.

Technical probation violations include such problems as failing to attend a meeting with a probation officer, failing to report a change of address, missing or failing a drug test, or any other violation of the terms of the order for probation that are not otherwise criminal offenses. The probation officer has the discretion to seek an order of the court that could send you to jail, revoke your probation, increase its severity, or even activate a suspended prison sentence.

At the Jardine Law Offices, we have extensive experience working with the probation officers to explain or excuse the violation or to negotiate the least intrusive sanction possible. In many cases, we are able to work out a mutually satisfactory resolution of the violation. In some cases, however, we need to present your case to the judge who has the power to send you to prison. Our experience in probation hearings and our ability to present your strongest possible defense to the alleged violation can give you a significant advantage at the hearing to show cause.

Our high acquittal rate at trial indicates our ability to help clients on probation who are facing new criminal charges. Conviction will not only result in new penalties, but also any suspended prison term on the prior conviction will probably be separately reinstated at sentencing. We do everything we can to avoid that prospect through attacking the new charges at every stage of the case.

Persons facing revocation of parole are in roughly the same situation as persons on probation; the main difference is that you are supervised by a state parole officer rather than a local probation officer. Parole, or early release from prison, is usually granted with conditions and a degree of supervision similar to those often found in the terms of probation. The consequences of a parole revocation, however, can be severe, and usually involve return to prison for the remainder of the original sentence.

To learn how we can represent you effectively in any case involving charges of probation or parole violations, contact a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer at the Jardine Law Offices.