Internet Crimes

With every passing year, state and federal law enforcement authorities have obtained greater legislative and technological abilities to detect and punish crimes involving computers and the Internet. Catching persons allegedly engaged in the online solicitation of minors for sex has even provided the basis for a popular network television show. If you have been charged with an offense related to Internet sex crimes, possession of

Child pornography on your hard drive, or any computer fraud crime? Contact the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City for reliable advice and vigorous representation in court.

Utah criminal defense & fraud crimes attorney in Salt Lake City Joseph Jardine understands the evidentiary challenges involved with providing effective client service in defense of such high-tech criminal charges as the following:

  • Hacking, or obtaining unauthorized access to data stored on computers.
  • Phishing, or obtaining confidential personal or financial data through false pretenses.
  • Identity theft by means of information obtained over the Internet.
  • Obtaining money, credit, goods, or services by fraud over the Internet.
  • Malicious circulation of worms, viruses, or other computer malware.
  • Internet sex crimes ranging from child pornography to solicitation of a minor for sex.

At the Jardine Law Offices, we also represent persons charged with such other high-tech crimes as unauthorized or fraudulent use of satellite or cable TV service or cell phone service. Most of these cases are charged in the state courts, but federal law also covers many Internet fraud or sex crimes. Depending on the amount involved in a fraud case, the gravity of a security breach in a hacking case, or the scale of a child pornography investigation, an Internet case might well be charged by the U.S. Attorney's Office. Our extensive experience with the effective defense of serious federal crimes can represent a significant advantage to you in federal court.

To learn more about our ability to help you avoid the prospect of a Utah criminal conviction or a federal prison sentence, contact a knowledgeable salt lake city attorney at the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City for a free consultation.