Drug Charges

At Jardine Law Office, we have successfully defended clients on a wide range of drug charges in state and federal court. We handle simple possession charges, large drug distribution matters, meth lab busts, and related charges involving conspiracy, gun violations, and money laundering.

If you are facing serious charges after a Utah drug arrest, call a Salt Lake City drug crimes defense lawyer who has a record of success in court.

In Utah, conviction on any drug charge will result in a driver's license suspension for 6 months. Depending on the circumstances and the quantity of drugs involved, some drug arrests can result in a federal indictment.

Due to the financial resources of federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI and DEA, federal drug charges can be difficult to beat.

Experience is not enough - you need results.

Considering the potential for serious consequences, it is important to retain a trial lawyer who has successfully defended clients charged with drug crimes. Our drug crimes defense attorney provides effective legal guidance in matters involving drug possession, trafficking, prescription fraud, and illegal narcotics manufacturing.

We offer confidential legal services to all clients including college students, professionals, and repeat offenders. Our Salt Lake City criminal defense practice serves people from all walks of life and from all communities. We handle state and federal drug charges involving all types of controlled substances and prescription drugs including:

  • Marijuana.
  • Cocaine.
  • Crack.
  • Heroin.
  • Oxycontin.
  • Vicodin.
  • Percocet.
  • Ecstasy / X.

Depending on your situation, we can investigate whether you are a victim of illegal search and seizure. If have been charged with a drug offense in Utah, contact a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney with success in defending drug charges in state and federal courts.