Domestic Violence In Front Of Child

A criminal conviction for domestic violence carries stiff penalties. If these acts were committed in the presence of a child, you will likely face additional penalties. In this situation, you need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can protect your freedom. Our firm wins domestic violence cases regularly.

In the Salt Lake City area, Jardine Law Offices, P.C., represents clients facing criminal charges in communities throughout Utah and southern Idaho. If an act of domestic violence was committed in the presence of a child, you can be charged with the original domestic violence charge and the additional charge of committing the act in front of a child. We will fight to limit your exposure to the criminal consequences that follow a conviction — whether that means negotiating a lesser charge with the prosecutor's office or defending you in court.

Child Witnessing Domestic Violence

Utah law, in an attempt to enhance penalties of domestic violence, allows an individual to be charged with separate counts — one for each child present. Unfortunately, the statute does not clearly define its own parameters. Essentially, the "presence of the child" element can often be met if the child is only within earshot of the alleged domestic abuse. Clients rely on our firm to thoroughly investigate the charge and develop a strong, effective defense. Our long history in criminal defense and detailed understanding of Utah law allow us to aggressively defend our clients no matter the complexity of their charges. Contact a Salt Lake City lawyer today.

In our experience, we have found that law enforcement often pressures family members to make statements or seek protective orders that they do not want. We can help protect you or your family members from this unwanted and unscrupulous pressure. We can help your family become whole again.

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