Domestic Violence

Have you been charged with domestic violence in the state of Utah? At Jardine Law Office, we provide skillful defense against charges of domestic abuse or cohabitant abuse. Our Salt Lake City law firm offers effective legal advice to spouses and other individuals accused of child abuse, spousal abuse, and other incidents of family violence.

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Knowledge and Results

Our criminal defense attorney, Joseph Jardine, has handled many domestic violence cases and secured many dismissed charges. Mr. Jardine is a skilled trial attorney who applies a broad understanding of Utah domestic violence law to help clients throughout the state. We help spouses who have been wrongly accused. We also serve families when they have resolved their dispute and the initiating party no longer wishes to pursue the charge. We represent clients in matters involving:

DV charges and child custody matters

A record of domestic violence has a negative affect on a parent's standing in child custody proceedings. When divorce and child custody proceedings are likely, charges of domestic abuse must be met with firm, effective defense. At Jardine Law Office, we understand the stakes in emotionally charged domestic assault matters.

Experience is not enough - you need results.

Quality criminal defense brings results. If you are facing domestic violence charges in Utah, contact a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer who has won for clients facing these charges. Invest in your future by retaining high quality criminal defense.