DLD Hearings

Whether or not you are actually convicted of drunk driving, you stand to lose your driver's license through suspension or revocation if you do not request a hearing before the Utah Driver License Division within ten days of your DUI arrest. For experienced and dependable representation before the DLD, contact the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City.

Any action to suspend or revoke your driving privileges will be determined at an administrative hearing before the DLD, assuming that you have acted quickly enough to preserve your right to a hearing. Examples of the situations that can expose you to the risk of a suspended license are the following:

  • Any DUI arrest.
  • Refusal to provide a breath or blood sample.
  • Any breathalyzer reading of .08 or higher.
  • If you are on "alcohol-restricted driver" status, any measurable alcohol concentration in your system, even if below .08.
  • Any violation of the Interlock Restricted Driver (IRD) law.
  • Suspension or revocation hearings based on excessive speeding, alcohol-related reckless driving, drug possession, or other cumulative traffic infractions.

The DLD administrative hearing on your driver's license is separate from and independent of any criminal proceedings against you. It is possible to win the criminal case and lose at the administrative level. The opposite result is also possible. At the Jardine Law Offices, our understanding of the differences between the criminal and administrative procedures that affect your case can represent a significant advantage for you.

Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney Joseph Jardine has achieved outstanding results for his clients both in trial court and before the DLD. For dependable advice and highly skilled representation in administrative hearings that can affect your right to drive in Utah, contact an experienced lawyer at the Jardine Law Offices for a free consultation.